Frequently Asked Questions

What is Awesome Dudeness?

Awesome Dudeness is a website dedicated to showcasing the best and brightest of the Animation industry! In so many places we hear about the animation, it's almost solely about the project, we're all about the artists! Projects come and go, but the men and women behind the cartoons continue on to make more awesomeness! We're here to inspire with artist videos, tech talk, practical how-to videos, and whatever else we can find that is Awesome!

There is a Contests Page... What kind of contests?

From time to time, Awesome Dudeness will host contests aimed at inspiring and bringing out the creative spirit in the artists who come here. Each Contest is unique, with it's own set of rules, so read the rules to see if you're eligible! You must register on this site to participate, but you only need register once, then your login works for all subsequent contests!

What is Animation Dance Party?

Animation Dance Party is a student and amateur competition where participants enter dance animation in one or both tiers of competition, the "Dance Cycle" entries are limited to 85 frames and must be a loopable dance cycle. The "pit battle" entries allow for 256 frames to dance into a dance circle, perform an awesome dance, then dance out. For Official Rules, see the Contests page once you've registered for this site. Once entries are received, the dance animation will be featured on the Awesome Dudeness YouTube Channel, and will be open for social media voting. The top performers in the social media votes will enter the judging phase, and the combined scores will be tallied together to produce the winners! All the dance cycles, and the top Pit battles will then be composited into one large movie that will be shown on the Awesome Dudeness YouTube Channel. The winners of each tier of competition will win Awesome prizes from our sponsors!

Does it cost anything to enter?

No. It is free to enter.

Is Animation Dance Party open to artists living outside the US?

Currently, only artists in the continental United States of America are eligible to win prizes, although any international entries may be shown in the final movie. We hope to be able to expand the competition eventually to encompass both international artists, and professionals.

What else does Awesome Dudeness do?

As we progress further, we hope to bring you a peek into not only the animation industry, but the people behind the artistic magic. This will include videos and articles about the animation & comics industries, and other awesome pop culture phenomenons! We will also have how-to videos for practical application to inform and inspire, tech reviews and first impressions, and artist spotlights to see the people behind the art!

Are you accepting applications for new contributors to Awesome Dudeness?

As of right now, we are looking to the people we are currently working with for contributions to Awesome Dudeness, but if you want to contribute, please contact Mike at

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What if I have more questions that aren't answered here?

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail ( or message us on our Facebook Page.